How to Set up the General Part?


To set up the general settings. Follow the steps

Go to admin > Website Setup > Appearance.

General Part:

  • Frontend Website Name: Write website name
  • Site Motto: Write your website's motto.
  • Site Icon: Select your own icon.
  • Website Base Color: Select the website base color. (Hex Color Code)
  • Website Base Hover Color: Select Website Base Hover Color (Hex Color Code)
  • Website Secondary Color: Select Website Secondary Color (Hex Color Code)
  • Member Public Profile Page Banner: Add an image for the left side banner of the member public profile page.
  • And click on the update button
Global SEO:

  • Meta Title- Fill up the meta title.
  • Meta Description- Fill up the section of meta description
  • Keywords- Input keywords.
  • Meta Image- Upload meta image.

Cookies Agreement: 

  • Cookies Agreement Text: Insert cookies agreement Text.
  • Show Cookies Agreement?: On/Off the show cookies agreement.

Custom Script:

  • Add custom script from here.