How to configure Social Media login API?


Follow the below steps to set up the social media login API.

Facebook Login API:

  • Log in to using Facebook email and password.
  • Click on My App and then click the Add New App.
  • Give the name of the app and then click on Create App ID. It will automatically redirect to the App dashboard.
  • Then go to Settings > Basic.
  • Set the App Domains and click on Save Changes.
  • Get the App ID and App Secret.
  • Now click on Products and select Facebook login.
  • It will redirect you to Quick Settings.
  • Select Web, give your site URL, and click Save.
  • Go to Facebook login > Settings.
  • Set the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs (example: and click on Save.
  • Now go to Active Matrimonial admin Dashboard,  Settings > Social media login, and insert the App ID and App Secret in Facebook Login Credential.
  • Click on Save

Google Login API:

  • Go to
  • Click on Configure A Project.
  • Give your project name and click next.
  • Give your product name and click next.
  • Configure 0auth client by selecting the web server and give your Authorized redirect URIs (example: and click on Create.
  • Then you will get the Client ID and Client Secret.
  • Now go to Active Matrimoial admin Dashboard, Settings > Social media login and insert the Client ID and Client Secret in Google Login Credential.
  • Click on Save.