Active Workdesk CMS Documentation

How does a freelancer bookmark a project?

Answer: To bookmark a certain project  the user has to do the following:

  • Log in as a freelancer.

  • Search for a project.

    • To search for a project the user has to type in the name of the project inside the search bar residing at the top of the page.

    • And then select project from the dropdown list.

    • After that click the search icon residing at the right side of the search field.

  • The Project listing page will appear.

  • From there the user will select the desired project by clicking on the name of the project.

  • It will take the user to the details of that project.

  • There at the bottom right corner of the page resides a button that says ‘Bookmark Project’.

  • By clicking that button the user will have bookmarked the desired project.