Active Workdesk CMS Documentation

How does a client purchase a service?

Answer: In order for a client to purchase a service the client needs to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly, the client needs to login.

  • After logging in the client can go to the service listing page or search for specific services from the search bar visible at the top header nav.

  • Beside the search bar, there is a dropdown from that dropdown the client needs to select Services. And then press enter or click the search icon.

  • After that the matched results of services will be shown in the screen or the service listing page will be visible.

  • After that the client can select any of the services of his/her choice.

  • Not only that he can choose the service but he what class of that service he wants to purchase. I.e: Basic, Standard and Premium. See images below for better understanding.

  • Basic:

  • Standard:

  • Premium:

  • After Clicking the Continue button the client can select the payment method of his/her choice to finalize the purchase.