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How to Search Member

How to Search Member

User can search members from Homepage Advanced Search & Member listing page Left navbar  Advanced Search

Homepage Advanced Search

This section is used to search members more specifically. User can search members by :

  • Age
  • Religion.
  • Caste & Subcaste
  • Profession
  • Mother Tongue &
  • Height Range.

Searching is separated based on the member’s gender. Male members can view only the female member’s profile. And Females can see Only male members profile.


Member listing page Left navbar Advanced Search

All members are listed in three different pages according to their membership plans. All Members, Premium Members, Free Members.

  • All Members: A user can view a list of all members both free and premium on this page.
  • Premium Members: On this page, the user can view only a list of members who have purchased premium packages and become Premium Members.
  • Free Members: On this page, users can view only a list of members who have already Registered but did not purchase any premium packages i.e. Free Members.

These three pages are divided into 2 parts to sort out the members by searching and sorting according to the member’s registered information.

Member listing page’s left navbar contains advanced search options with some fields (e.g. age, marital status, religion, caste, country, etc as registered information).