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Member Profile Dashboard

Member Profile Dashboard

After registration and login members can organize their public Profile from Profile dashboard 

  • Profile: From this tab, members can see the public profile view information. All information is divided into different sections.


  • My interest: Here is the list of other members who are interested in the member.


  • Shortlist: A member can find his/her shortlisted members here in a list. This page will show a glimpse of the basic information of the members.


  • Followed users: Other members who followed by a member are listed here with short basic info.


  • Messaging: From this tab, members can send messages to other members with whom he/she has enabled Direct Messaging.


  • Ignored list: Here is a list of ignored members who are ignored by the member.  Any ignored member can be unblocked by clicking the “unblock” button.


  • Profile Report: A member can report about a profile to admin if he/she thinks its a fake profile.
  • Picture Privacy: Member can edit their profile picture and gallery privacy setting from here according to “Only me”, “All Members”, “Premium Members”.


  • Edit profile: Members can edit their profile at any time by clicking on “Edit all” at the top right corner of the profile tab or each section individually.


  • Gallery: This section is for uploaded images by the member. Members can upload their photos with a title, which is appeared on the public profile view.


  • Happy story upload: Members can upload their marriage stories from here. They will get a form with the fields(title, description, marriage date input option, multiple image upload options) for applying to upload their story. After admin approval, the story will appear in Happy stories page.


  • My package: This page contains the member’s current package details & remaining items for the current plan. Also, a member can get the options for buying new premium plans.


  • Payment information: Form this page member will get a list about their payment history such as payment date, payment gateway, amount, chosen package & payment status.