User Manual Guidline

  • Members
    Member's Type

    Two types of member lists are available from this navigation. Free Members & Premium Members.

    1. Free Members

    Here admin can get the list of free members in a table with the information of each member. Admin can view the free member profile view, packages, followers, membership duration & also can block any member.

    B. Premium members

    Here admin can get the list of premium members in a table with the information of each member. Admin can view the member’'s  profile view, packages, membership duration, remaining package items & also can block any member.

    • Add Members: Here Admin can  create member profile manually with all the basic information from his/her admin panel.

    • Deleted Members: Admin can see the list of deleted members in this section also have the the option to restore them back.

    • Unique ID: Every individual member will get an unique member ID from the member registration.

    • Admin Approval: If the member approval system is switched on then admin can approve or disapprove the newly registered member from this section. Until approval of admin any profile will not be available in frontend.

  • Premium Plans
    Manage Plans

    Five categories packages are available in here. Like

    • Default
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum

    Admin can set of each package’s items such as package name, package value, express interest, direct messages, photo gallery & package image.

    Package delete and add : Admin can also add or delete packages according to their well from the admin panel.

  • Stories
    Manage Stories

    This is a listing page of all Happy Story for awaiting for the approval of admin. Admin can view the story and can approve or delete this from here.
  • Earnings
    Manage Earnings

    Admin can get a listing page of all the necessary details of premium packages purchased by users e.g. Member Name, Date of Payment, Payment Type etc.

  • Contact Message
    Manage Messaging

    The Admin can read and reply the messages sent from the home contact page. Admin will see a list of latest messages. The reply will sent as an email to the message sender.

  • General Settings
    Manage General Settings

    General Settings
    System details : Admin can set the System Name (which is usually company name), System Email, System Title (for both admin panel and front end), Address, Phone  from here.
    Homepage Cache time : Homepage caching can improve performance by using less resources to load homepages. Admin can set the Homepage Cache Time (in Minutes) from here.
    Language : In this section admin can see a number of languages in drop down menu which are added from Language section of the Admin panel. Admin can set a particular language for his system from here.
    Member Approval By Admin : From here admin can enable user registration verification system. If admin select "Yes" then after registration admin will get the mail for new registration and user will get awaiting mail to verify. After admin approval user will able to access his/her profile. If admin select "No" then previous/default system(without approval access) will be running.
    Mouse Right Click Off : In this section, For photo privacy,  now admin can disable the right click of the mouse from admin panel for frontend.
    SMTP Settings
    Admin can configure his/her SMTP settings here.
    Social Links
    Admin can provide all social media links (Facebook, Google-plus, twitter, Skype, Pinterest, YouTube), which will be used in the front site.
    Terms & conditions
    Admin can set the Terms and Condition here which will be displayed in the front-end.
    Privacy Policy
    Admin can set the Privacy Policy here which will be displayed in the front-end.

  • Frontend Settings
    Manage Frontend Settings

    Choose Theme Color

        Admin can set theme color scheme for front-end from eight different color sets here.

    Frontend Appearances

      Admin can set images, logos, text etc for the following portions of frontend :

    Header- Admin can enable/disable the sticky header, can change the logo & Favicon from here. 

    Pages: Admin can manage frontend pages like Home, 
    Home, Listing, Premium Plans, Happy Stories, Contact Us, Log In, Registration in this section. 

    Footer :  Admin can change the looter logo, position and footer text from here. 

  • Configuration
    Manage Configurations

    Profile Attributes : Admin can add, edit or delete the following member attributes:
    • Religion
    • Caste
    • Sub-caste
    • Language
    • Country
    • State
    • City
    • Family Status
    • Family Value
    • On Behalf

    Profile Section: Admin can mark up the sections like Present Address, Education And Career, Hobbies And Interests, Language etc of member’s profile which will be showed in their profiles.
    Social Media Comments : Admin can configure Social Media Comments settings here
    Payments : Payment gateways settings for Paypal, stripe or PayUmoney can be configured from here.
    Email Setup : Emails that are automatically generated for the users can be set up here.
    Captcha Settings : Admin Can provide Captcha Settings from here.
    Sms Settings: Twilio & Msg91 messaging service has been added in the updated version for sending bulk sms to the user by admin. Admin can activate and control the service from admin panel.
    FAQ : Admin can set all frequently asked questions & answers from here using summer-note. He/she can change the text format, add an image or video, provide a link to the description etc.Add More FAQs button for more FAQ fields.

  • Language
    Manage Language Settings

    Add language: Admin can add multiple language for the system. Once he/she added a new language, he/she has to put all the translations of the word to that language on the table.

    Set Translation: The Admin, from the list, will get an input box and a save button for each word. The admin shall give the translation of the word on the input box and press save button. This will save the translation of that word only.

    Edit: Admin can change language name or icon from here.

    Delete Language: Once a language is selected, the admin can delete that language.
  • Knowledgebase
    Manage online knowledgebase

    All the necessary documents related to the system can be found i.e.

    1. Documentation
    2. Structure info
    3. tutorial videos &
    4. Diagram

  • Admin Profile
    Manage Admin Profile

    Admin can manage his profile details from here. Admin can change the details of his own profile and can change the password.

  • Send SMS
    Manage sms setting

    Here admin can manage sending bulk sms by selecting to Members and messaging tool. For messaging admin can choose between Twilio or Msg91 and select members like To all members or premium members or to free members according his/her well.

  • SEO Settings
    Manage SEO settings

    Admin can now easily configure functions in “SEO Setting” from admin panel by adding keywords,  editing author, revisit time and description

  • Currency Settings
    Manage Currency Settings

    Configure: Admin can configure currency by changing the Home Default Currency, System Default Currency and Currency format sections.

    All  Currencies: To add a new currency to the script admin can set currency by inserting Currency Name, Currency Symbol and equivalent amount of 1 US dollar in this page.

  • Picture Privacy
    Manage Picture Privacy

    Member can change their profile picture privacy & gallery image Privacy to "All member" or "Premium member" according to their wish. Members will be able to see pictures according to another member's picture privacy. 


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