User Manual Guidline

  • Dashboard

    • In this page Admin can see whole report of the sale and get manage the options. Available options are below,

      • Product quantity.

        • Total published products

        • Total seller’s products

        • Total admin’s products

      • Category quantity.

      • Sub category quantity.

      • Brand quantity.

      • Seller quantity.

      • Category wise product sale report.

      • Category wise product stock report.

      • All settings of the site.

  • Products

    • Product related all options are here,

      • Brand - Insert name & logo of the brand.

      • Category - Insert name , banner & logo of the category.

      • Sub category - Insert the name of the sub category and select following category.

      • Sub sub category - Insert name of the sub sub category and select category, sub category & brand.

      • All products - In this page there are 2 tabs for admin products & seller products. Admin can add new product, edit existing own product & seller products.There are several steps to upload a product. Follow the instructions below,

    • Click on “add new” button.

    • Product information - Need to fulfill the required field with proper data one by one.

      • General

        • Insert a product name.

        • Select a category from dropdown list

        • Select a sub category.

        • Select a sub sub category.

        • Select a brand.

        • Insert the product unit like pc, kg, ltr etc.

        • Input single/multiple words for product tag and press enter.

        • Click on save.

      • Images

        • Main images - Preferable size 600 x 500.

        • Thumbnail images - Preferable size 300 x 290

        • Featured - If the product will select as featured then it will be appear on featured product list. Size can be same as main or thumbnail.

        • Flash deal - If the product will select for the deal then it will be appear there.ize can be same as main or thumbnail.

      • Video

        • Select one option from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion.

        • Insert video link.

        • Click on save.

      • Meta tags - This section for social media sharing.  

        • Meta title - Write a title which will appear on shared link.

        • Description - Write a short description which will appear on shared link.

        • Meta image - Upload a single image for shared link.

      • Customer choice

        • Default option is color. You can select multiple color.

        • Click on add more option. Add different choice option of the product and their values.

        • You can add more option by add more option.

        • Then click on save.

      • Price

        • Insert base price of the product.

        • Insert the purchase price of the product.

        • Add product tax. Select “%” or “$” from right option and insert the value in the left box.

        • Discount - Add product discount(if available). Select “%” or “$” from right option and insert the value in the left box.

        • Variant wise price - If the options are added at “customer choice” tab then this section will appear. Input the variant wise price.

        • Click on save.

      • Description - Write the description of the product. You can add any image or video in this description box.

      • Shipping info - Add shipping cost on the field.

      • PDF specs - Pdf upload option(if available).

  • Flash Deal

    To create a flash deal admin will have to follow the steps, Insert a title , starting date, ending date, select products and then product wise discount type & amount. Admin can edit/delete the existing deal or can publish/unpublish the deal anytime from the list.
  • Inhouse Orders

    In order list page admin will get the information of order code, number of products, customer name, amount, delivery status, payment method & payment status. From “Actions” button admin will get the options like view, invoice download, delete. From “view” option admin can see details of the order and can change the status of payment & delivery.
  • Total Sales

    In this list there are few information such as order code, number of product, customer name, amount, delivery and payment status from here.
    • Actions: Admin can have the option for  View and Delete in this section. Also will get the option for download the invoice.

  • Sellers

    Seller List - Admin will see the name, email address and verified/not verified information in this list at a glance. There are two options available edit & delete. By clicking on “Add new” button admin can create a new seller by putting seller name, email & password.

  • Customers

    Customer List - Admin will see the name, email address in this list at a glance. If admin want to delete any customer then delete option is available there.
  • Messaging

    Newsletters -  Admin can send newsletter from here. He/she can select only users or subscribers email or both to send newsletter. If admin need to customize the text portion or attach any image or link then the smart text input area is available for these formatting.
  • Business Settings

    Business settings has different sections to maintain site. Below are they,
    • Activation - Here are two types activation available.

      • Business related - Admin can activate/deactivate product activation, vendor system, show vendors.

      • Payment related - 5 types payment options can be managed from here.Admin can continue all of these or deactivate any one.

    • Payment method - This page is for configuring the payment method. Admin will have to input necessary information of these methods to configure with his site for running the transaction.

    • SMTP settings - From here admin will have to input necessary information for SMTP configuration and then click on Save.

    • Google analytics - Switch on the feature. Insert tracking ID. and save.

    • Social Media login - Google, facebook & twitter login configuration settings are available here.

    • Currency - Admin can select his/her currency from the currency list and configure for system currency, home default currency. He/she can set the format. Also admin can insert his/her own currency except from the list.

    • Languages - Admin will get language list from here.He/she can add new language or edit the language details. Also admin can translate the existing words from here Actions > View

    • Seller Verification form - Admin can build verification form for seller registration.If any user wants to be a seller then he/she has to fillup the form in frontend. Admin can take any input way from right side like text, select, multiple select, radio button,file input option. And named the field and make options to choose for the seller.

    • Seller commission - Admin can set amount of percentage as seller commision.

    • Seo settings - To set SEO for your site insert the following info in this page like keywords, author name, revisit time, sitemap link, description. And click on save.

  • Frontend settings

    • Home - From admin panel navigation, Frontend settings > Home admin will get options to change/edit the home page contents in 4 tabs.

      • Top sliders - Here admin can upload multiple images for top slider section.Also publish/unpublish and delete option are available there.

      • Banners - Here admin can upload multiple images for banner section(below slider & top slider part).Also publish/unpublish and delete option are available there.

      • Category wise products - To select specific category for homepage admin will get the option from here. By clicking on “add new” button admin can select category and sub-sub category(max 4) to display on homepage. Selected sub-sub categories products(max 4) will be shown on homepage.If admin want to edit/unpublish/delete any category, the options are available there.

      • Best selling - To activate best selling products section, here is the switch. Admin can on/off this section from here.

    • Policy pages - To upload content of policy pages such as seller policy, return policy, support policy, terms & conditions and privacy policy , follow the steps admin navigation > frontend settings > policy pages.

    • Useful link - here admin can add any link which will appear on footer. Write a name for the link and put the link and click on save.

    • General settings - To set site’s general information here are some fields. Insert these information - site name, company address, description, phone number,email address, site logo and add necessary links for these given social media(facebook,instagram,twitter,youtube,google plus).

    • Logo settings - From here admin can upload several logo & image for his/her site.

      • Frontend logo

      • Admin logo

      • Favicon

      • Admin login background image

      • Admin login sidebar image

    • Color settings - From here admin can choose the color for his/her site.

  • Staffs

    • All Staffs - In this list staff’s name, email & role are available. Admin can edit the

    • Staff Permissions - First admin will create the role for the staffs. According to role admin will select the accessible section for the staffs.


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Laravel based PHP script
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