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Active Newspaper CMS -
How to Post an Ad

How to Post an Ad

  1. Log in to Admin Panel.
  2. From the Navigation, go to Advertisement > Ads Settings.
  3. From the Left Tab Panel Admin can select the desired ad Sections i.e. Header, Home, etc.
  4. Admin has to Switch on/off the Status from the Information section.
  5. Then he can change the Default image & URL  for the desired ad.
  6. Then click on the Update button to post the ad.
  7. From the Subscription Package section, admin can setup different Packages (i.e. 1 Week, 1 Month) of the same ad.
  8. Admin can set up the Package Name, Price, and Seal image for different packages. He can also choose whether to activate the package or not by checking the Activate Checkbox.