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Language Setup

Language Setup

To set language go to Admin Navigation > Language.

  • Add new language
    • Click on the “Create new” button.
    • Insert language name & icon.
    • Click on save.

  • Word translation
    • Click on the “Set Translation” button on the required language from the list.
    • Open google chrome and install this extension to your browser.
    • Click on the extension icon located at the top of your browser and click on TRANSLATE THIS PAGE.
    • Choose your language from the drop-down and this will translate the whole page.
    • After that, scroll down and click on the Translate button. (the text “Translate” will be translated to your language)
    • Click on the Save all button to translate the words. (the text “Save All” will be translated to your language)
    • Or you can translate each word manually.