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How to upload products?

How to upload products?

Go to products from product section and and click on to Add new product 


  • Product Information.


    • Insert a product name.
    • Insert the product unit like pc, kg, ltr etc.
    • Insert the product’s Minimum purchase quantity


  • Insert the product’s Maximum purchase quantity. Customers will be able to purchase this maximum quantity for this product. Default 0 for unlimited.
  • Product Images


  • Upload the thumbnail image. Thumbnail Image  preferable 300×300
  • Upload the Gallery Images. Preferable size 600×600


  • Product Price, Stock:
  • Variant products can be on or off. 

If the variation product is off then

  • Insert Regular price of the product.
  • Insert SKU
  • And select in stock or Out of stock.

If the variation product is on then 

  • Select an option for this product and then select choices of each option. Like If you select Size then you can select choices Large, Medium, Small.XL, XXl etc.
  • For one product can be selected 3 options maximum like size, fabric, color.
  • Then under the variant you can set price for variation.
  • SKU and Image.


  • Product Discount: 


  • You can set a discount date range.
  • Set the discount on percentage or flare rate basis.

  • Shipping Information: Add shipping information. Like Standard delivery time, Express delivery time, Weight, Heigh, Length, Width.

    • Product description: Add product description of the product. 
    • Product attribute: Add product attribute only for filter of the product.
    • SEO Meta Tags: Add Meta tag, description, Meta image. 
    • Product Status: You can select product status. Publish or unpublish.


  • Product Brand


    • Product Category like women clothing, man clothing etc.
    • Product Tags: This tag will be used for product search.


  • VAT/GST & Tax