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How to update for android?

How to update for android?

**Read all the points carefully before doing anything

  • This section will help you if you are here for the update and  have already generated the signed release  apk/appbundle the last time and already have the keytool and the manifest file ready in your old project folder.
  • If you are installing and building the release file for the first time this section is not for you.


  • Extract the You will find this inside the main zip.
  • Open the folder in your android studio.
  • **Remember to open this in a separate folder than your old project.
  • Even if you are building an app for ios, use android studio for the build.
  • Then in your android studio terminal run:
    flutter pub get
  • This will fetch all the necessary packages


  • If you are updating, you must have build the key.jks previously
  • Copy the key.jks ,, and the manifest file from your old project and paste in the correct locations
  • See the previous screenshots for the file locations
  • If you are missing your old project, you have to configure, and the manifest file like described in the installation.
  • As our source code  is made ready for the fresh installation , you will have to do all your configuration (like domain path, app color, package name etc ) shown in the previous steps.
  • But do not create a new key.jks, you have to update your app with the existing key
  • If you have somehow lost your previous key , you have to release a totally  new app to the play store.You will not be able to release an update.


  • In your terminal run : flutter build appbundle
  • The release bundle for your app is created at <your app dir>/build/app/outputs/bundle/release/app.aab.
  • Upload this app.aab file to your google play console