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How to configure social login?

How to configure social login?

    • Create a firebase project.
    • First you need to have a google account and login in your browser.
    • Goto this link:
    • Click the “Add Project” Button.
    • Add your project name and continue.
    • Off the “disable google analytics” and Click the “Continue” Button.
    • Click the “Continue” Button.

    Add Android app on your Firebase project

    • Click the android icon.

    Add some informations:

    • Android package name
    • App nickname
    • Add signing certificate SHA-1 and SHA-256

    How to get SHA-1 code in your project ?

    • Goto android studio and open your project then open terminal and ensure that it shows your project directory in the terminal.
    • Then drive into the android folder(cd android).
    • For debug mode: write this command on your android studio terminal  “./gradlew signinReport”  then press enter.

  • For release mode:  write this command on your android studio terminal “keytool -list -v

  • Click the “Register App” button
  • Download config file and add this file into your project->android->app folder
  • Add firebase SDK
  • Click the “Continue to console” button
  • After upload your app on playstore you need to add signing certificate SHA-1 and SHA-256 in firebase project setting: Open your google play console->Your App->Setup->App integrity

You must generate your own google-services.json. Do not use ours – it will not work for you.

Firebase Authentication : 

  • Goto signin method and then enable Google, facebook and twitter and apple.
  • For facebook you need a facebook app id and app secret, we will create the next step.

Add these documents.

  • Facebook: Package Used

See its documentation and steps:

How to create a facebook app ?

 Create an app.

Select App Type None.

  • Add your app details 
    • App Name.
    • App Contact Email.
    • Business Account. (Don’t Change it).

  • Add product “Facebook Login”.
  • Click the “Set Up” button.

Click the “Basic” Option.

  • Add some information and save it.
    • This app privacy policy url.
    • This app terms of service url.
    • This app icon (Icon size also 1024 X 1024 Or 512 X 512 ).
    • This app category.

  • Now activate your app.
  • Click the “Switch Mode” Button.

  • Make sure your app facebook login settings are on these options.
    • Client OAuth Login.
    • Web OAuth Login.
    • Enforce HTTPS
    • Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs


For Android:

  • Add your facebook app id, app name, facebook_client_token and fb login protocol scheme (**NOTE**: The scheme needs to start with `fb` and then your ID.example: fb123456789)

into your project->android->app->src->main->res->values->string.xml file.

Google: Package Used

Twitter : package used

How to create a Twitter app.

Filup some information for your project. Project Name, Use case, Project description.

  • Setup your app
    • Select your app environment.
    • Enter your app name.

Collect your API Key and API Key Secret.(you will have to collect it.)

  • Setup user authentication setting.
    • Go to Project & Apps-> select your project and then select your created app.
    • Find User authentication settings.
    • Click the Setup button.
    • Enable OAuth 2.0
    • Select Type of App.(Native app)
    • Callback URl.(activematrimonialflutterapp://).
    • Web site URL.(It’s your web URL).
    • Save it.

  • Setup in your flutter e-commerce code.
    • Go to your flutter project->lib->social_config.dart
    • Enter your twitter_consumer_secret and twitter_consumer_key.