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How to configure push notification?

How to configure push notification?

To use firebase follow the procedure which are mentioned below

  1.       Go to this URL to create project
    If you already have a project then continue with that.



  1.       Now go to project settings to get server key


  1.       To get server key click on Cloud Messaging option



4.Turn on the switch and put the server key in admin panel



5.You will need to generate your own google-services.json. Do not use ours – it will not work for you



Firebase console:

Follow the guideline from here  


You need to provide your fingerprints here (sha1 and sha 256)



You will find your signature/fingerprints from here ( Provided that you already have generated the key). You will also need the path of your key.jks. You may have already kept it in the root folder.




  1. Although  most of the configuration for android is done you can check guidelines from here.


  1. For ios follow this
  2. Push notification is a little bit tricky , so follow the guidelines properly. Learn more about how a firebase application connects with your mobile app from google searching if needed.