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Features Activation Setup

Features Activation Setup

There are different sections to maintain the site. Below are they :

  • HTTPS Activation
  • Maintenance Mode

  • Classified Product Activate
  • Business-related Activation– Admin can activate/deactivate product activation, vendor system, Wallet System, Coupon System, Pickup point, Email Verification
  • Payment related Activation5 types of payment options can be managed from here. Admin can continue all of these or deactivate anyone.
  • Payment method – This page is for configuring the payment method. Admin will have to input necessary information of these methods to configure with his site for running the transaction. 
  • SMTP settings – From here admin will have to input necessary information for SMTP configuration and then click on Save.
  • Google AnalyticsSwitch on the feature. Insert tracking ID. and save.
  • Social Media loginGoogleFacebook & twitter login configuration settings are available here.
  • Currency – 
    • Select currency from the currency list.
    • Configure system currency, home default currency
    • Set the format
    • Also, admin can insert own currency except the list. 
  • Languages – Admin will get language list from here.He/she can add a new language or edit the language details. Also, admin can translate the existing words from here Actions > View
  • Seller Verification form – verification form for seller registration. If any user wants to be a seller then he/she has to fill-up the form in front-end. Admin can take any input from right side like text, select, multiple select, radio button, file input option. And named the field and make options to choose for the seller. 
  • Seller commission – Admin can set amount of percentage as seller commission.
  • SEO Settings –  To set SEO for your site insert the following info in this page like keywords, author name, revisit time, sitemap link, description. And click on save.